#217 : Bavi Stock

Time for Action! And now yet another OVA oddity from that little studio I love so much from way back when. Kaname Production had their name identified with several productions during the 1980s including: Birth, Windaria, The Humanoid, Leda: Fantastic Adventure of Yohko and Dream Dimension Hunter Fandora to name a few. Now it is time to check out the two part action packed adventure known as Bavi Stock. Released in 1985 along with the brilliant Yohko, I had no expectation in regards to Bavi Stock, except a few screenshots to set a general idea of the setting. Overall I liked it, but found it a little confusing.

Bavi_1This first episode left me scratching my head. What did I just watch? We first see a member of the GPP (Kate), this is some kind of galactic police force, rescue a mute girl (Mooma) who has been captured by a renegade esper, Lady Lus Mila and her android companion, Eyesman. Then after getting birthday wishes Kate is asked to bust a guy out of prison who happened to be charged with murder. This fellow is named Bavi Stock (hence the title) and along with him we also add his boxing trainer, Sammy, who has plans to enter a hovercraft style race, even though he also is serving a life sentence (did he have his own method to getting out?). Upon returning to GPP headquarters we find it has been blown up, sadness. And then rejoicing again as Sammy prepares to enter the race while celebrating Kate’s birthday. Talk about a dichotomy. Then we meet up with Lady Lus Mila and Eyesman again… are they planning to enter this race as well?

CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 100Holy cow, talk about all over the place, I hope this second episode irons out some of these character’s pasts, or reason for being in this show? But first, the hovercraft race, which reminds me of the Star Wars pod race. Now onto episode two where Bavi, Kate, Sammy and Mooma are living together as a surrogate family. This one begins more comically and the visuals look a tad downgraded, or perhaps different from the the first episode. Thankfully some back story starts to emerge for Bavi and Mooma throughout this second go around. FINALLY! Add to that a treasure hunt on another planet that, as we add back in a little Star Wars, reminds me of meeting the Ewoks from Return of the Jedi. Now we have cuddly teddy bears to add as well that can communicate with us! This is one crazy OVA overall, but when looked at from another point of view, it was kind of fun. This is a B-Grade release for sure… maybe C, D… I leave that up to you.

Bavi_3This is by no means exactly like Kaname’s 1986 OVA release, The Humanoid, but if I could pair this with another Kaname release I would go with this combination. Both have over the top plots too big for their respective releases, not enough information to really understand the full picture, occasional comedic banter and characters that you enjoy and come to love. ‘Bad’ anime literally, but entertaining enough to enjoy despite the flaws. I actually welcome titles like this in my search through the OVA bins of lost titles as these have as much value to me as the bigger masterpieces. I had odd tastes I guess? Plus it’s a Kaname anime and no matter what I stick up for their catalog of work. And if I havd to choose between Bavi Stock and The Humanoid, I would go with the later. Why? COFFEE!

A big thank you to my friends at Kingmenu Subs for helping with this release, it was help on my journey here! (I never thought I would ever see this title subtitled… never say never)

#215e : The Transformers (Season 4)

Three episodes! Just three? How can this be considered a season? …that sounds more like a miniseries to me. And alas, The Transformers here in the west would receive a proper finale and in a hurry as well with a trilogy of episodes. Better this than nothing at all, but seriously who cheapened out on the potential here? Then again here is another perspective, maybe The Transformers here in the west were running out of gas? Perhaps ready to retire? In any case let’s properly finish this classic show!

TF_S4_11987, the fall… oh I remember it very well. New episodes of The Transformers were ready for viewing except this batch would be the very last. For real?! Coming in at a total of 98 by the end of this fourth season, The Transformers was a long ride I enjoyed viewing during the prime years of my childhood. This final trilogy would be known as The Rebirth and how does it clean up all the loose ends, while leaving the ending a little open ended. Fun and action packed, being another new season we get another grouping of more characters to watch… I am beginning to lose count here. We get a double spy, twins, the Throttlebots, the Targetmasters, the Headmasters and even one who can transform into six different modes. SIX! Kinda makes me miss the good old days of robot becoming a car, or an airplane. Still, these new types of characters are very creative and innovative.

TF_S4_2Don’t expect too much plot here besides saving Cybertron and restoring the plasma energy chamber. Remember this is only three episodes. The first release of DVDs here in North America from Rhino had an interview with the writer of The Rebirth, David Wise, who gave his take on the process of making this last season work. Originally this was slated as five episodes, then cut to three. If you can find this interview it is a great watch to see the nuts and bolts behind making a show like this. What to expect then is a run and gun approach by bringing in a character, or several, to cameo for maybe a couple seconds then moving on to the next scene, etc. etc. It is very watchable and entertaining, but wow talk about a rush to promote the entire 1987 toy line. At least we get a true and proper ending for The Transformers, a true “That’s all folks!” for us fans. Very few cartoons ever get this type of treatment. The Transformers not only got to walk away at the top of its game, but it also did it in a polished way… that was also rushed.

TF_S4_3And now for something completely different, Japan would release their own version of the season depicting the 1987 toyline. An alternative version of The Rebirth and yet not quite. The Headmasters would have a full 35 episodes telling a completely different take on the mythology which begs the questions, which one is canon? Take your pick… I say both… alternate universes as a theory. I slightly prefer The Headmasters in terms of the larger plot line and direction it took, but The Rebirth is still entertaining. Japan, Toei and Takara would pick up the torch abandoned by Sunbow, AKOM and Hasbro to continue the G1 animation outings for a few more runs showing that The Transformers were far from dead at the end of 1987. Then again, either way you look at it, the beginnings from way back in 1984 were completed in both series to a certain degree. Time to ride out into the sunset. ~ FIN

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#215d : The Transformers (Season 3)

The Transformers: The Movie was a game changer for me. I got to see my beloved Transformers in a high quality presentation, set in the then future and with some intense drama. Of course I considered it the greatest movie ever made at the time; I was very young then. Now I see it as a beautiful example of traditional cel animation. The fall of 1986 would bring yet another season of The Transformers with elements from this new movie. Exciting! Time for some totally new changes in the mythos of The Transformers. Yet at heart this is still the same show, just continuing on during a new era.

TF_S3_1Remember when the year of 2006 seemed like a far off future? Decades unreachable at one time, but when viewed now that year is more like a distant memory. I am sure some of you may not have been born yet? The film ended, but there was more to tell in terms of what was introduced in the summer of 1986. With all of these new and older elements in place one can see season three as a mixed bag. I am sure many do not like this season for the fact of all the changes and the unfamiliarity… and some characters. Yet the more that we change we stay the same. The third season would continue the more imaginative sci-fi and fantasy that was introduced the previous year except now we are in the future (that has past us now) with many new characters including the first full-time female Autobot lead (we love you Arcee!) and stories. The downside in some ways was the writing and characterizations which at times are not the strongest in certain episodes, but there are some things that this third season did very well.

TF_S3_2Darker themes would begin to creep into some of the plots lines. Rodimus Prime being the new leader of the Autobots lacked the confidence of Optimus Prime. He was more human and vulnerable and as a character I appreciate him sometimes more than the idolized Autobot champion. Death also plays a heavy role as seeing the ghost of certain fallen Autobots and Decepticons from the movie make their presence as well. Dark Awakening being one of the more unpolished episodes visually is perhaps one of the best episodes that expressed the heavier mood. Even the Quintessons are creepy and always so super serious! Not to say there was not humor as well. Think Grimlock’s New Brain, which is a favorite episode of mine for the fact that the Technobots were born during this half hour.

TF_S3_3Our new cast is vast and many get only a handful of showings that are short lived. Many new faces did however get some time in the sun to show themselves. None more so than Cyclonus and Scourge who only got brief moments to even say a line, or two, in the movie. Cyclonus is a particular favorite of mine. He has a nobility and a sense of honor that lacks in many of the Decepticons. Almost like the dark twin of Ultra Magnus? Talk about a departure for the Decepticons second in command, almost like an inverse of Starscream. Sadly some of the new characters are just kind of dull, or overly cartoonish, and can be seen as window decoration. Marissa Fairborne of Earth Defense Command is a welcome addition to the human group of characters. Is she really Flint’s daughter, from G.I. Joe? And speaking of G.I. Joe, there is some guy who looks and sounds way too much like Cobra Commander… a nice cross over moment.

TF_S3_4Highlighting this season are the opening and closing episodes, which are multi-parters. The quintet of Five Faces of Darkness (could this be a pun? Five and five?) and the double episode finale of the super obvious The Return of Optimus Prime both give this season a proper start and finish and flush out more of the mythology of The Transformers and Cybertron. Plus fans were pleased to see Optimus Prime return at the end. I see that now as a nice gesture, but really? Why not bring back Tracks, or Sunstreaker too! While season three may not be the most popular, or even consistent, it is sometimes my favorite. Pull a good dozen episodes as the pillar of what this season could have been collectively and I am quite satisfied as that selection is watched often.

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