Anime Wisdom from Remy Shimada… Even at my darkest hour, I am never alone

I will from today until my last breath love and treasure the sequel OVA to the GoShogun TV series, GoShogun: The Time Étranger. I have spoken not once, but twice (and who knows maybe more in the future?) about this special film and my admiration towards the leading lady of the Good Thunder team, the pilot of the Queen Rose, the woman who is at the apple of many a man’s eye… the ever talented, witty and beautiful Remy Shimada. The Time Étranger was her swan song, her tribute, as well as a portrait of her ultimate character. She is someone who even at the brink of death, never gives up… and in The Time Étranger there were many times when this occurred. When she is alone, trapped and on her last option, something, or someone comes into her life to say, “Remy, don’t give up hope. We want you here with us.”

Miss Shimada had a rough life. Her childhood in France was marked with the death of her mother as well as bouts of trouble with the local boys who never suspected that she would not only fight back, but in all honesty… kick their asses. 😉 She was very much alone in the world from the beginning. Or was she? The climatic moment of her youth was in a cemetery where she would fall into an open grave, or perhaps it was some other type of deep hole, or trench where she would become isolated, trapped. She resounded to her fate, yes I shall die here, I except this. And then five spirits would visit her to reassure her that she was not alone and that maybe someday all six of them may team up together. Those five represented the five men so important in her adult life that she would spend so much of the plot of Goshogun with: Shingo Hojo, Killy Gagley, Leonardo Medici Bundle, Yatta-la Kernagle and Suegni Cuttnal. Together till death do us part.

Before joining Good Thunder and the GoShogun team, and well before The Time Étranger, Remy was a spy who failed during one of her missions. All she could do was run to her boyfriend’s arms. He would tragically die soon afterward (or did he?!) leading to her capture and a prison sentence. As a last ditch effort she would bust her beloved locket to use the glass to slit her wrists. Thanks to Captain Sabarath and his convincing By the way if you want to know these segments were from the GoShogun TV series and the recap movie. I had to include this as a bonus as it fits well with the theme of this entry!

Now back to The Time Étranger… What about the time when she was in that car chase that led to an accident that left her in a coma? Or, being diagnosed with an extremely rare illness? Or, receiving a death announcement in the form of an anonymous letter stating she has only two days to live? Or confronting a giant monster in a desert where she only has one more bullet to feed her beloved Magnum pistol? All moments where life was in short supply, but the will to live was still there! Remy had someone still behind her back like guardian angels each and every time. What about the opening sequence of The Time Étranger, which ALWAYS make me cry. It’s beautiful. Alone in the desert she cries out, “Where am I? Where is everyone?” And then her five boys show up out of the mist to reassure her… so dramatic… I love it.

So the moral of this story, even when everything has hit rock bottom and you feel you have nowhere to go, or a friend to rely on, someone will show up like magic to tell you that you are still wanted and loved. It’s only when life is hard that we realize the beauty underneath the surface of the experience.

Remy Shimada… “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You made me happy when skies were gray.”

Saint Seiya and the Myth of Ganymede: One’s Destiny Can Be a Lonely Road

The myth of Ganymede has been very much on my mind as of late. Most likely because I love astrology and in particular traditional approaches of the craft that go back to the the late Hellenic world. This was a time where the craft became solidified into the usual practice we know today and also this was the twilight of the culture that brought us the familiar mythologies we have some exposure to, including the story of the youth of Ganymede.

Ganymede is often attributed to Aquarius, the fixed air sign ruled by Saturn (not Uranus!), the water bearer, or the cup holder. Aquarius holds a special place for 2020 because of the great conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn happening on the Winter Solstice in the first degree of this sign. My placements of the Sun, Mercury and Mars are in this sign in case any of you are interested; strong Aquarius tendencies. Perhaps you can see why Ganymede’s tale has been of such interest to me, but it also made me consider that his story has much to do with a favorite anime of mine as a couple of the themes cross paths. That anime is no stranger to Greek mythological references, it is Saint Seiya.

Searching online I found a few callouts to Ganymede and Saint Seiya, such as the mythology of the Aquarius cloth, a fanfic of the legend and a host of fan art of Ganymede if he was in the series, but these are not what I am presenting here. Let us first go over the tale of Ganymede. Considered the most fair of all humans, too beautiful to behold, Zeus would set his prize onto the Trojan youth. Yes this sounds like homoerotic attraction, but this is a myth, an image, and to only look at the exoteric without the underlying esoteric is only looking at the bottle, but not the internal contents. Still, Zeus, king of all the gods, bi? I can only imagine the expression on his wife Hera? She was furious by the way, but she put up with it. Transforming into an eagle, Zeus would take Ganymede away from the human world to serve him and the other gods as his cup bearer. Later Ganymede was hoisted to the heavens and christened as Aquarius.

Much like the odd kid at the popular kid’s party, or the tag along amongst celebrities, or the wealthy, Ganymede is an outsider that is beloved as something different. A trophy, or showpiece perhaps? Amongst this crowd one feels that they are special, unique and belong and yet one is still very much the outsider and alone. Even originally when at home in familiar surroundings, perhaps one still has the same odd one out feeling? So true for Aquarius as well. An archetype for the odd one out, a force for change, or even an upholder to rigidity, Aquarius can be friendly, but aloof and sometimes too theoretical, or intellectual for many. I am very guilty of this. Lovers of humanity, but not always the best with individual people who are the status quo. Four paragraphs have been written, so where and when do we get to discussing Saint Seiya?

Primarily I will look to the heroes of Saint Seiya, the Bronze Saints, for this outing. Seiya, Houyga, Shiryu, Shun and Ikki were all orphaned and eventually taken into an orphanage. There was something special about these five in particular that they were sent away to be trained to become Saints, or Knights of the Zodiac. All five are youths, have ties to a constellation in the sky and are in exile from their homes in the service of an aristocrat, Saori Kido, or Athena. Very similar to Ganymede from a certain point of view these five will eventually serve as the guardians of Athena. Outsiders who are now inside, but does anyone know the pain and struggles these boys go through when they fight for the bigger picture instead of just living the mundane life many of us get caught up in. I am not sure if original manga creator Masami Kurumada had Ganymede in mind when creating Saint Seiya? I can only say this is either my own theory, or happy accident of finding a particular Greek myth that can have an affinity with an anime.

Being out of this world can be a very rewarding thing and yet also a very lonely path. As long as you have someone to share the experience with it is then you know you are not alone or completely strange. Those who are the most conformed are perhaps the most out of touch with, or far out from the truth of life. It is when you walk the rocky path, live the alternate lifestyle and feel a little pain is when and where you know you are truly alive. For the Bronze Saints they at least have each other and are like a brotherhood that can’t be replaced. Destiny and life can sometimes be so ironic.

… and for you astronomers out there, guess the name of the planet Jupiter’s largest moon? Ganymede!; how fitting.

80’s Anime Characters Who Know How to Wear a Pair of Sunglasses

Ever heard of the song Sunglasses at Night? This hit song by the Canadian singer/songwriter Corey Hart was released in 1984 and is one of many popular tracks that has a character beyond the stereotypical bright flash and dazzle of the decade of the 1980s. The 1980s also had a darker side that was more subversive, hidden and mysterious. These three qualities are apparent in this song amongst many others, I.e. The Police’s Every Breathe You Take. Sunglasses, or shades are a fashion statement as well as a protective measure for many of us and can often become a distinctive trademark of our identity as well.

As I write mostly about 80s anime the idea of wearing Sunglasses at Night, or during the day, sometimes even indoors!, appealed to me. 80s hit song… can I think of any 80s anime characters that are defined by the wearing of these ocular accessories? Oh yeah for sure… I have twelve listed here and I am sure I have more than likely missed a couple. If you can add any names you will be my hero!


Jonathon Wolfe
Genesis Climber Mospeada / Robotech
Many call you a hero sir, but what secrets are you hiding underneath those shades? Could you possibly be a traitor?


Olson D. Verne
Super Dimension Century Orguss
What you don’t recognize me Kei? I may be a couple years older and wearing these stylish frames, but I am still your old parent in crime.


Bean Bandit
Riding Bean
A fast car, a pretty sidekick, a bulletproof bandana and a pair of sunglasses is all this speedster needs to get the job done.


Quattro Bajenna
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
That helmet and mask from the first Gundam was getting too heavy… better to switch to some sunglasses and let my golden locks run free in the wind.


Master Roshi
Dragon Ball
Shonen fighting anime’s greatest instructor would be nothing without his shades. He may be fashionable with those shirts as well, but often strikes out with the ladies


Louis Ducasse / Louis Nichols
Super Dimension Calvary Southern Cross / Robotech
The 15th Tactical Armored Corps nerdy computer geek wouldn’t be the same without those thick framed specs. Dude how do you see out of those?


Remy Shimada
GoShogun: The Time Étranger
You know what helps in a car chase? Sunglasses… I thought the answer would be another engine and suspension.


Captain Napolipolita
Project A-Ko
Like an overly drunk Captain Harlock, with more colorful clothes and a pair of specs. More wine please… hey have we found the princess yet?


Golgo 13/Duke Togo
The Professional: Golgo 13
Golgo 13… that stone grim look, those finely tailored suits, your nasty smoking habit and that accurate trigger finger look so much better when you add on a pair of aviators.


M.D. Geist
M.D. Geist
Though he is known as the Most Dangerous soldier and for wearing some nasty body armor, he also can look cool in a pair of sunglasses.


Megazone 23 (part 1)
Hello Mr. Yahagi, I see you found the Garland. Don’t I look so official and dangerous in these pair of specs.


Madoka Ayukawa
Kimagure Orange Road
A woman of mystery and many talents loves a great pair of sunglasses to compliment her enigmatic personality.