A self preservation society for classic Japanese animation.

What is The Classic Anime Museum?

From a humble beginning with a single panel presentation on the anime of 1985 at Anime St. Louis 2015, The Classic Anime Museum has grown into an endeavor to share one of the love’s of my life, namely classic anime. This is part lost opportunities that soon become found treasures, part new experiences with properties long forgotten and part exploring entertainment from the ‘past’ in the ‘present’ (this almost sounds like saying the same things three times?), The Classic Anime Museum is my contribution to preserve Japan’s animation from the first three decades of what is considered the modern era of anime. In the forefront will be my beloved anime from the 1980s, which will be the backbone of this site. Also included are works from the revolutionary decade of the 1970s and the origins of the ‘modern’ anime era, the 1960s.

This will be an on-going library and diary of both my personal experience and impressions, but also a general reference encyclopedia for those who need a quick overview. My style is in the form of the creative essay more so than the standard critique, or review. The direction, or theme, for each posting depends upon my opinion of each production, real life experiences that remind me of each entry and creative improvised inspiration, plus some analysis from time to time.

Also, I will be including productions from time to time that were made primarily for us in the west, but used Japanese studios and production to some degree; many of the so-called ‘80s cartoons’ fit under this category. Live action films that have some significance towards classic anime titles either by influence, or adaptation, will also be a part of this collection.

Who is Josh?

Founder, curator, blogger and I guess you can say otaku are my titles as I run this little oasis of classic anime preservation. I currently live outside of St. Louis, MO and have been a fan of Japanese animation since 1984. Like many of my hobbies I have waxed and waned through my interest in anime, but by 2010 I wanted to know more beyond the handful of usual suspects I have held so dear to me for years. The time had come to break out and find more titles to settle my desire to know more about the wonderful world of Japanese animation. Since that time my viewing of titles has exponentially grown and the time had finally come for me to share what I have seen. As a privateer I don’t really align myself with the anime fan community that much, but I am glad to be a part of it in my own way.


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