#215c : The Transformers (Season 2)

This could be the quintessential season of The Transformers, the height of it all. The classic that many would put on a pedestal and say this is the definition of what the original G1 series represented. Season two commenced in the fall of 1985 adding the original 16 episodes to the new 49 created to allow The Transformers to be shown in syndicated markets weekdays. That’s 65 if we do the math, a lot of episodes, but those were the rules back then for broadcasting in the States. This was the season and year that I first saw The Transformers and as part of my after school activities, I included this daily ritual like clockwork.

TF_S2_1Season one was a trial run to get The Transformers started which now brings us to the newer, bigger, more action packed, super freakin’ rad season two. … oh the marketing speak… Season two took what worked for the first go round and added many new elements with additional characters being the obvious one with a new line of toys needing promotion. Second was a more expansive presence with more inclusion of sites across Earth’s globe and at times other planets besides Cybertron. …and don’t forget time travel! Plus, the mythology of who The Transformers are and where they came from was greatly amplified. And we find out there are female Autobots as well… so how do robots procreate? Yet much was the same with Optimus Prime and Megatron still leading their respective factions and all our familiar faces from before still from time to time make appearances.

TF_S2_2Interesting note is that this was the first grouping of episodes to be redistributed back to Japan. All 65 episodes were packaged as Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers while renaming characters to their native Takara names and having a Japanese dub. I consider this similar to the 1960s when British bands came over to America to play rock n’ roll to the native audience. America re-conceptualizes Japanese toys having it brought back to Japan. Japan’s version had a nice opening theme too. Speaking of opening themes, season two has the best (my opinion) in terms of the musical arrangement and animation. It’s iconic and definitive! The Transformers may have debuted in 1984, but for 1985 it exploded and for good reason, it had a very strong animated presence with more action and adventure than before.

TF_S2_3Now here is something interesting… season two is the only season without a proper beginning and ending storyline. Every other season in their own way do, which leaves me baffled. Perhaps since these were included with the season one episodes these new 49 are somehow to be shoehorned in-between the original sixteen? The Transformers never had a proper serial story line, like many shows then, and yes some episodes are multi-parters, or lead into others, but there is really no consistency for season two. You could theoretically jump around, but mind when you get to certain places where I mentioned previously when there was some sort of continuum. It’s like the ultimate grab bag season, choose your own adventure so to speak, where you can pick and decide which way to go… of course that could be true for most of The Transformers? I guess having the higher episode count gave room for more random stories ad creativity, which is what makes this season really fun.

TF_S2_4I was lucky as a kid to have a VCR in the family and was able to record many episodes from this season on a blank tape. City of Steel, Dinobot Island, Part 2, Enter the Nightbird and Microbots were the standout episodes mixed with She-Ra and ThunderCats as well as one-offs from M.A.S.K. and Jayce and the Wheeled Warriors becoming one of my golden treasure tapes that I played endlessly over and over again for years. They may not have been the best of the season, or the worst either, but they are a quartet that I have seen so many times that I could watch them blindfolded and on mute. The Transformers were a key element of my childhood, along with many other shows that attracted me to not only science fiction and animation, but also the stylings and talent of the Japanese animation industry. And although a portion of the episodes of this season were also animated in Korea, including a portion of season three and all of season four, The Transformers would eventually lead me down the rabbit hole of Japan’s proper animated work. My fandom and this site owe a major debt to this show. Thank you universe for me being at the right place and the right time to experience season two of The Transformers!

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Author: Josh

I love anime, particularly the the titles of the 1980s. I grew up with a small handful of these titles, but I have always wanted to know more of what was available. I currently live in the Midwest of the U.S. and also have passions for astrology, music and being outside… often barefoot!

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