#215 : The Transformers (An Introduction)

Let this be heard far and wide… I decree that the original show of The Transformers will be a part of this site. What follows from here on will be my personal reflections on the original four seasons produced here for the west. Not only for historical significance as this was the first Transformers show ever made, but also this is a show I love. I was lucky to be born during a time to watch this show in its original airing date during the mid 1980s. All through my life I have continued to watch and rewatch and don’t consider The Transformers as a nostalgic trip. It is an ongoing mythology that I have been drawn to from the very beginning that still to this day continues to give me joy.

Though The Transformers is not really an anime, it has as many of you know its roots in Japan from the original imported toys as well as many episodes animated at studios linked to the anime industry, Toei as an example. This more than qualifies an entry here at The Classic Anime Museum. I present now a portal of your choosing for which season to browse. Enjoy!

Season 1
Season 2
Season 3
Season 4

Author: Josh

I love anime, particularly the the titles of the 1980s. I grew up with a small handful of these titles, but I have always wanted to know more of what was available. I currently live in the Midwest of the U.S. and also have passions for astrology, music and being outside… often barefoot!

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